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He growls at her, “This is a tournament, there is supposed to be fighting.”
“But not this year. At least not for a couple more days.” Titan countered
“Then I expect to see you on that day in the arena across from me.”
For years Ganymede has been wanting to battle Titan, even before the first tournament. Both being the primary moons of the two most powerful planets, he was itching to test her skill against his own. But so far that chance has eluded Ganymede.
That first year she didn’t even compete, and he was stuck fighting that loathsom Io. The second year she gave up early in the games for some unknown reason. The third and fourth years she was beaten just before the final round, leaving him to battle someone else entirely.
This year's tournament has him a bit worried, unsure as to the out come with this system. He couldn’t be certain that he’d even make it to the grand finale. But such action would not be acceptable in the eyes of his master, no matter what his own personal desires might be.


At his own entrance Ganymede ran through his mind the best possible solution for beating the maze. His power to manipulate the dagger on his belt to become whatever tool he needed would be greatly limited. But that didn’t mean that it was completely useless.
He knew what the obvious option was, use it to mark his path of whither or not he had been in a certain spot or not. But what he didn’t want to have that method used against him by leaving hints to one of the other competitors.
He needed a different idea, and he needed one quick before the signal was given to start the run.


“And there’s the boom everyone, letting our eight contestants know it’s time to book it to the center.” Tethys says with excitement
“But take a look at Ganymede’s gate, boss. From what I can see he’s not moving.”
“Hey you’re right Dione. I wonder what he’s up to?”
Miranda speaks up, “Well it’s possible zat he has come up wiz a strategy all his own.”
“To just stand still? That doesn’t make any sense.” Dione commented
“He’s not still anymore. See, he just drew out his dagger.” Miranda sountered
“What is he planning on doing with that? Is he planning on dueling the maze? Because that  sounds like something Kari would do, am I right ladies and gentlemen.” Tethys said, which drew a set of laughter from the audience


“Simple and brilliant.” he thought to himself as he drew his eridium blade
Running around blindly was not going to work for him in this trial. But he knew that he wouldn’t be able to make it to the center first if he was exploring every rout one at a time. he needed to got through them all at once, and his dagger was the perfect tool for the job.
Using his power to manipulate the metal, he drew a small piece off of it and sent it into the middle of the maze. Next he pointed the remainder of the weapon to his entrance and it turned into a thin string like wire and flew into the maze.
His plan was simple and brilliant, just like he thought, knowing that the pieces of his blade were naturally drawn together. As the piece in the center stood still the other half would follow the path until it hit a wall. Once that happened it would then branch out and go from there until it hit another wall and branch off again. Then once it finally found it’s brother all of the branches would rejoin and make one single thread to follow.
Ganymede knew that this path would take some time, but not nearly as much as walking around trying out each path. He knew that just about everyone else would be doing just that. The only real competition he felt he had was mercury, who was the fastest of all in the system, and Titan, who could use sound to map out a path.
Mercury’s speed was a double edged sword. On the one hand he could move from point to point in a blink of an eye, on the other he would have to stop or slow down  to prevent running into walls. Ganymede figured that this would be useful since there are usually more dead ends than paths, forcing Mercury to double back more than once before getting on the right one.
Titan had more or less the same advantage. She can map out the maze with the echoing effect being made. However her problem would be to isolate the right sounds to find the correct path. This method might be more efficient than mercury, but just as time consuming.
In Ganymede’s eyes it wasn’t a competition between eight people, no to him this round was between him and the two. Everyone else were unimportant and a waist of time for this round.


“Oh it looks like Ganymede has figured out how to get through the maze. And it sure seems quite inventive.” Dione commented
“Agreed. A thread that leads him to the center does sound a lot easier than running around like a madman.” Tethys says nodding her head
“But is zis not a form of cheating?” Miranda asked
“Technically no. The rules state that each contestant needs to go through the maze. It does not say that objects that they bring with them have to.” Tethys answers
Well it looks like he is cheating to me. But I suppose zat is why zey call zem ‘loopholes’.”
“I know that I like using them. I get out of a lot of trouble because of loopholes.”
“Well Dione, that maybe true. But for some strange reason you keep finding yourself back in trouble.” Tethys teased
Dione simply waves his hand from side to side.


“I’ll certainly do my best, but if someone beats me on the scoreboard then there isn’t a whole lot about it I can do.” Titan says as though it was not that big of a deal
Ganymede was visibly irritated at her remarks. It was obvious, as always, that Titan did not take this situation seriously. This was not some game, it was a test to prove who was the best throughout the entire kingdom. And his master, Jupiter, was the best.
“Oh this looks like a tense situation.”
Both Ganymede and Titan turned to look at where the new voice came from and say at one of the entrances Mercury.
“Hey there Mercury. Glad to see that you made it.” Titan said with a smile
“As am I, thought I must admit that I am somewhat disappointed. Here I thought my speed would have gotten me here first. But alas it was not meant to be.” he sighed
“Aw, don’t beat yourself up over it. I’m sure you did your best.”
“Thank you my dear. You are most certainly a kind woman.”
Ganymede chose to keep his distance from the two of them. In his eyes these people were his enemies, and enemies must be destroyed.
Ganymede's Run
Here it is, Ganymede's turn in the competition and how he beat Titan. I am enjoying doing these P.O.V.'s and I would like any and all advice in how I can improve on them. 

First:  First Step“I love mornings.” These words are almost always among the first thing she says in the morning
She sits on a soft fur that rests below a large stone window that gives her a wondrous view of the first rays of light that stretch across the land. Each morning she greets the new day in that place and in virtually the same fashion.
It was the middle of spring, thus making it the perfect time of the year to greet the morning with opening the window pane. A cool breeze entered the room licking her azure skin, making goose bumps to pop up, and brush through her long sapphire hair.
With the cool air also came the smells and sounds from the outside world. The scent of the sweet flowers and the moist leaves and the calming melody of the singing birds filled not only her room but also her body. She enjoyed the sound of the tweeting songs that she too started to hum along with the, making a new melody that help fill the morning.
These things and more caused her to truly enjoy mornings,

Previous:  Titan's RunTitan stood at her entrance to the maze, waiting for the signal to start the run through. She liked that this year's tournament was different than the previous ones. She didn’t enjoy the brawl fest because of so many reasons, mostly because of how violent things had gotten and how short lived the tournament became.
Titan always enjoyed the great spectacle that was made because of the tournament. How the many people of their kingdom came together to celebrate in peace made her smile.
“Contestants on your mark.” Tethys called from a booth that overlooked the maze
Titan readied herself.
“Get set… GO!” a shot rang over head
With that sound she launches into the maze. After a couple of twists and turns Titan soon came to the realization that her current method of running around like this was not going to work. She needed something else to work through this.
Believing that if she kept running running she’d only get even more lost she just stood in on
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Well this years Comic Con has come and gone. I had fun and got some really cool stuff in the process. I do hope to have some more experiences in the mean time.


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I'm sadly not much of an artiest when it comes to drawing, but writing is something that I fully enjoy. I've posted many things here on deviantart, and I plan on doing the same for the future.
I've also posted fan fiction stories on that you could check out.
I'm also more than willing to do commissions, for free, to those who wish to call upon my talents.


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