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Jupiter stood in a silent anger in his personal villa inside of Saturn’s City. He gazed out the window that over looked the arena in which his strongest servant would stand triumphant again. But with the anger that was built up inside of him victory was far from his mind.
When he entered the city he received a grand entrance, as well he should being the self-declared mightiest planet, that he was accustomed to. But when he had heard from one of Saturn’s moon that Earth’s entrance was far more grander than his ever was, the word upset didn’t quite express his feelings.
Behind him knelt two of his Galain Moons, Io and Ganymede, and ever near his personal hand maid Metites. All three were anxious to know what their master had that weighted heavy on his mind.
Without looking, Jupiter speaks in a heavy and low voice, “Ganymede, Io, I have a mission for the two of you.”
“Yes, my lord.” They responded in unison
“The inner moon called Lunar, I want you to crush him. I want him to be broken. I want him to be defeated. If either of you face him in the tournament I want you to full fill my wishes. I want this solar system to know that none is greater than me. Do that for me and I will be pleased.”
“Yes master. Io will not fail you. Io give the pail one much pain.” Io chuckled
“We will make them understand what will happen to those that dare embarrass the mightiest of planets.” Replied Ganymede
“See that you do. I will not tolerate failure in this matter.” He says as he looked at his servants, “Now go and full fill your duties.”


A series of bright and colorful flashes burst over and inside of the arena as Tethies made her entrance. The spectators, numbering in the thousands, cheered and clapped as the display grew and ended in a brilliant flash.
“I love my job.” She thinks to herself before grabbing a crystal ball made to amplify her voice so that the audience could hear her, “Greetings to one and all.”
The crowed cheers loudly with their building excitement.
“This year we’ve got a great line up for the tournament. In fact we have a bucket load of first that is sure to make this year one to remember. To begin with for the first time ever all eight of the planets are gathered in one place at one time!”
A cry of excitement echo’s throughout the stadium at the announcement.
“Next up let us give a warm welcome to Lady Earth, who has been allowed to leave the Inner System for the first time ever. Let’s make her feel right at home everyone.”
Earth stood and waved with a blush on her face. And as the crowd cheered and clapped for her, she thought, “This is so embarrassing.”
Once everyone had calmed down Tethies started to speak again, “Now since we are on the topic of introduction, how about I start bring in in our contestants?!”
As the people cheered eight circles, of different colors, lit up on the arena floor. Tethies points at one of the, “First off let’s give a big welcome to the reigning champion, the leader of the Galain four, and commander of the Jovian army. Ladies and gentlemen, Ganymede!”
A thunderous applause resonated in the stadium as Ganymede appears in a burst of black light and spins a staff around him and stands firm with a wicked grin.
“Glory to Lord Jupiter.”
“Next up is a home favorite, the mistress of the sound and a beauty to Saturn. I give you Titan!”
In a swirling band of green light Titan magically appears as she waves to the crowd. Being an expert on sound Titan picked up the voices of her lovers viewing box and hears a little voice cry out, “Get out of the ring, granny.”
Annoyed Titan grumbled under her breath, “Mimas, you really need to show me some respect.”
“And since we’re on Saturn then how about we bring in that crazy coyote Kari!”
In an explosion of red light, Kari shoots up into the sky and lands hard onto the ground and spins her spear around before making a pose. The section that housed her old pirate crew cheered the loudest, but one voice seemed to be even louder than the rest.
“Woo! You go you sexy thing!”
Kari blushed as her sensitive ears picked up the voice of her lover, “Gliese, seriously, you need to calm down.” She thinks
“Next we bring you the crazed molten moon, Io!”
An orange glow emanates from the ground as Io splashed out of it and lands on his hands and rolls to his feet. He shouts, “Io is strong! Io is mighty! Io melts all!”
“Easy there you nut job.” Tethies says, drawing a chorus of laughter from the audience. “Moving right along we got a first timer to bring you all today. Let’s give him a warm welcome everyone. Here he is, the guardian moon to Lady Earth, Lunar!”
A pillar of white light shoots up and a nervous Lunar steps out of it to a loud cheer.
As he walked out Jupiter, and his two moons, looked intently at him. They studied his every movement. On the other hand Earth, and her group, clapped and cheered excitedly for him from their spot.
Tethies walked up to him, “So how do you feel being in the big leagues?”
Lunar replies as he looks around him, “Overwhelmed to be honest.”
“Good because I just made you the center of attention.” She says as she slaps him on the back and continues with her introductions. “Next up is last year’s second place winner. A moon with her humble, yet powerful, strength that is seldom matched. I give you Titania!”
A swirling series of punk lights, like that of a cyclone of flower peddles, reveal Titania. She humbly bows in the direction of Uranus, while the crowd cheered he reentrance
“My wasn’t that a beautiful entrance ladies and gentlemen?” Tethies asks and got a roar of approval before she continued, “But it’s not over yet. We still have two more to introduce. So let’s give it up for the fastest man in the system, the great herald Mercury!”
A swirling triple helix of purple light that spun upwards faster and faster. The purple light then reached a climax and exploded leaving behind a waving Mercury.
“And now to introduce our final competitor. A regular at these type of events. King of the seas and lord of ice. I give you Neptune!”
At the announcement of his name the last circle starts to shoot a blue light up like a geyser. And once the light had simmered down Neptune sat in his circle and raised a stein of beer hip to everyone and drank it down.
“Ladies and gentlemen,” she cries out above the reverberating cheers, “I give you this year’s competitors!” She then shot a wave of bursting lights and colors into the air above the arena to liven the crowd up.
The cheering and clapping from the audience went on for several minutes. Then once the right amount of time had passed Tethies raised her hands to calm every one down, “Alright folks before we get things started I have a major announcement to make in regards to this year’s tournament. Primarily that it will not be the usual one on one battle that we’ve enjoyed in past years. Instead Lord Saturn and I have devised a new format for this year.
“First off, tomorrow each competitor will have to race each other in a special maze. The next day we will test their brain power by having them achieve a certain goal by going through an obstacle course. After that they will put their combat skills to the test as they battle waves of stone golems.
“And finally on the fourth day the two with the highest score will duel it out in the main event for glory and honor!” another flurry of fireworks as the crowd cheers echo across the stadium.


The excitement that the crowd felt progressed through out the opening ceremonies and into the night. The city was alive with parties and celebrations with the new tournament. This joyous occasion was felt highly in one overly extravagant looking building that rested on one of the many skylands.
Inside of it the planets gathered, with their moons, to enjoy the festivities. And there was one planet that was eager to meet his “peers” for the first time.
“So you are her, the infamous Earth.” Jupiter stated
Both Earth and Lunar turned to see the semi giant of a man. Earth smiled up at him and offered her hand, “Yes I am. You must be Jupiter.”
Ganymede spoke up to correct Earth, “Lord Jupiter.”
A look from Jupiter shut up his servant, “Yes I am. My servant here has told me quite a bit about you.” he says as he ignores her hand
“Oh? Well what sort of things has he been telling you?”
“Many things like how unprepared your moon is for the trials that lay before him and how immature you are for the position you held.”
Lunar was about to speak up when a new voice joined them, “Misure Jupiter, you should know zat it does not matter what your may zink who is capable of fighting in ze arena. Zings zere can be very unpredictable.”
Jupiter narrowed his eye at Uranus before responding, “Indeed.” He then turned and walked away.
“Oh man, Jupi is maaaad. You can almost see the electricity shooting off of him.” Saturn commented
“He need to be deflated a little, Misure Saturn.” Uranus joked
“Why do I have the feeling that he doesn’t like me very much.”
“Oh it’s not just you, he doesn’t like anyone really. Not since Sun denied him the power to the atom.”
Earth looks at Saturn, “What do you mean?”
Saturn smiles at her, “Oh nothing. It’s ancient history. Now let us return to the party at hand tomorrow is the first event, so we must celebrate to our competitors.”
“Oui, it should be a grand event.”
“Yes that is true!” Neptune called
The three of them turned to see him laughing with a woman on each arm and a bottle in hand.
“Oh no, he’s drunk.” Uranus said with a sigh
“When is he not?”
“Funny, Misure Saturn. Very funny.”
Neptune makes his way to them, “Come on, Uruanus, give your champion a kiss.” Neptune puckered up
“We are not in ze habit of kissing certain individuals zat show less zan mature behavior.”
“Awe come on.” Turns to Earth, “How about you? You might be surprised at how good I am.”
Earth shakes her head, “No thank you.”
“Poor Neptune. I can give you that kiss.” Venus says
 Neptune puckers up and at that moment Pluto pops up and puts a fish up and uses it to kiss Neptune. He reels back and starts to spit and whip his mouth. The scene caused everyone that is nearby to start to laugh at him.
“Why did you do that you little demon.”
Pluto simply shrugs, “Looked like a great chance to pull a prank.”
Venus glairs down at the little girl, who was still laughing, for taking her spot light.
Saturn speaks up, “Ah, it was truly great to have such a lively group here.”
“We agree, Misure Saturn. Let us continue to enjoy zis night and have an exciting tournament.” Raises her glass
Neptune cheers at Uranus’s words and clashes his bottle into her glass, “Oops.” He smiles at her then laughs, “Let’s sing. I hear that Venus and Earth have the best voices of the Inner System. I want to hear it firsthand.”
“Well I don’t want to brag, but there have been many a man that have fallen victim to my sultry voice.” Venus says proudly.
Earth however shied away, “Oh I don’t think so. I’m not really all that big on performing in front of others.”
“Come on Earth, it’ll be fun. We can make a competition out of it.” Neptune said
“It will hardly be a fair match if I’m involved.” Venus said with a smirk
Saturn turned to Earth as he spoke, “Sounds like a fine idea to get things started for…” and he turned to where Earth stood was a vacant spot


This was one of the few times that Earth stood was grateful that Lunar wasn’t hovering over her. Normally she enjoyed having company, but every now and then she just wanted to be alone. Most of the time it was just for her to gather her thoughts and fantasize about having a normal life with her beloved Sun.
Earth had little idea as to where she was going in Saturn’s palace, but she found herself standing in the open air of one of the high towers of the palace.
Believing that she is alone, Earth takes a deep breath and screams loud and hard while a massive bolt of lightning shoots right into the air from her body. Once done with that she leans back on the wall next to the door.
“Now that was a lightning bolt. I bet even Jupiter would’ve been impressed by that.”
Startled beyond words, Earth turned to see Eris turned to see Eris learning against the railing opposite of her. It took the young planet to find her voice so she could confront Eris. “What are you doing here?”
“Me?” puts a hand on her chest, “Why I’m doing my duty, of course. I did make a promise to my old buddy Sun to keep an eye on you.” Then Eris walked next to Earth, “Though I can’t imagine why after seeing that display of pure power.”
Earth looks at her for a moment and turns away, with a look of self-shame in her eyes, “You know the reason why. Sun didn’t ask you to protect me, he asked you to help Lunar keep me in check.”
“What do you mean?”
“I’m a threat, a danger, a bomb just waiting to go off. I am fully aware of what I have done and what I am capable of doing.”
“And what exactly is that, hmm? You think that just because you have some sort of above average power that you are a monster? Don’t make me laugh.” Eris says as she walks over to Earth. She then ruffles the young ladies hair, “You are a sweet and kind hearted person. You just don’t want to worry or upset those close to you, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t be mad or disappointed. If you just let it sit there it will only get worse.”
“I suppose you’re right about that.” She replies then sighs, “There is just so much going on that it’s easy to lose track of my emotions.”
Eris takes a step back and smiles at her, “Well for now you should just simply enjoy the next few days. This is a time to celebrate.”
Presenting the Intorductions
Holy cow I've been lax in submitting this year. only a couple since the start. But I hope that this makes up for it. Here is the long awaited 11th installment. Here I introduce the participants for the long awaited tournament. Some of them were suggested by the other members of the Celestial Ring, while a couple were personal favorites. Now there is a certain part near the end that I'm not overly proud of, but I hope to expand upon it later to work it out. But as always I am open to ideas and creative criticism. Enjoy.

First:   First Step“I love mornings.” These words are almost always among the first thing she says in the morning
She sits on a soft fur that rests below a large stone window that gives her a wondrous view of the first rays of light that stretch across the land. Each morning she greets the new day in that place and in virtually the same fashion.
It was the middle of spring, thus making it the perfect time of the year to greet the morning with opening the window pane. A cool breeze entered the room licking her azure skin, making goose bumps to pop up, and brush through her long sapphire hair.
With the cool air also came the smells and sounds from the outside world. The scent of the sweet flowers and the moist leaves and the calming melody of the singing birds filled not only her room but also her body. She enjoyed the sound of the tweeting songs that she too started to hum along with the, making a new melody that help fill the morning.
These things and more caused her to truly enjoy mornings,

Previous:  When the Moons are away the Planets will...When the Moons are away the Planets will…
Saturn’s city was astounding. For the last two days Lunar had been doing his best to get used this new environment. But this place was far larger than even Earth’s Crinibus Aureis, and he was still feeling disoriented by all of the massive sights and sounds that this city had to offer.
The city was divided into rings, and in each ring had its own purpose and its own distractions. And leading him to one such distraction were two female moons, Titan and Titania.
“Zere is a certain fabric shop zat my mistress found ze last time we were here. I know zat she would like to get some of zeir cloz.”
“Oh do you mean the one with the gold and red lettering over the door?”
“Oui, zat is ze one.”
Lunar suddenly stopped in his tracks and looked at his situation. Here he is walking with two beautiful women, neither of them were his Earth, caring an armful of boxes and packages of different sizes. The realiz
  • Mood: Happy
Well this years Comic Con has come and gone. I had fun and got some really cool stuff in the process. I do hope to have some more experiences in the mean time.
  • Mood: Happy
Well this years Comic Con has come and gone. I had fun and got some really cool stuff in the process. I do hope to have some more experiences in the mean time.


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